Sat, 21 March 2015

M is for
Museum & Movies

A most marvelous date, started off by getting the train from Christchurch to London and then the tube to the Natural History Museum; looking at the monkeys, minerals and megalosaurus. Followed by dinner and a Movie combined, at Odeon's The Lounge cinema, where drinks and dinner were served to us whilst watching Focus, with Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

Sat, 11 April 2015 - Sun, 12 April 2015

N is for
Nepalese and National Trust

We had a really nice dinner at a Nepalese/Indian restaurant in Wareham called The 29029, it used to be The Gurkha, but recently had a refurbishment and is under new management. The next day we left early and started the 2 hour drive North to the National Trust's Waddesdon Mannor near Aylesbury. We looked around the house first of all, with the audio guide handset, then we had afternoon tea, followed by a stroll around the gardens.

Sat, 18 April 2015

O is for
Outdoor movie &
Oriental dinner

We went to an Outdoor, drive-through cinema, at St Mary's football stadium, where we watched The Goonies, followed by an Oriental dinner at Mango, a Thai restaurant in Southampton.

Sat, 13 June 2015

P is for
Picnic and Pizza

We started off the day with some percolated coffee and Pop Tarts, while Clare was putting together a photo jigsaw puzzle of us I had printed. Then we headed to our picnic spot, in the keep at Portchester Castle, with some Prosecco, Percy Pigs and other P foods. After a walk around the castle and sitting in the sun, we plodded on home and prepared for our dinner at Bournemouth Pizza Co.

Sat, 25 July 2015

Q is for
QA, Quiet and Quest

A surprise trip up to London! First stop for some QA at The Francis Crick Institute, King's Cross; I worked on construction drawings for parts of the new building, and it's something I was proud of having something to do with because of the science that will be carried out there.
Next, we moved on to have a quiet look around the British Library. It's a really interesting place with lots of things to look at and see. I liked seeing the embroidery of the Wikipedia page of the Magna Carta, and seeing all the really old books from around the world.
Finally we started the Quest. Starting at The Jugged Hare and taking us around the city by foot, ending up at Borough Market. We were given riddles we had to solve by SMS text messages; one text would lead us to another location that we had to go to in order to find the answer to the riddle so that we could text it back, and they'd send us the next question. It was lots of fun and I managed to have a few pints along the way as well!
About half way through the Quest, we had quesadillas for dinner at Wahaca in One New Change.

Sun, 6 September 2015

R is for
Rest & Relaxation

A nice and relaxing one at Rhinefield House's Spa; while Clare was having a massage, I was using the pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Then we had a quick bite to eat and a walk around the grounds of Rhinefield House, and we discovered they have a maze in the garden!
For dinner, I had booked a table at Reef & Beef; however, as we were running a little ahead of schedule, I was going to phone them to see if we could sit down any earlier. After no luck getting through on the phone, I messaged them on Facebook, and they replied they don't open on Sundays - RUINED! (almost)
Clare saved the date though by recommending Arbor restaurant at The Green House Hotel, Bournemouth